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China Business and Investment Services
China's economy is the fastest-growing in the world and with its inexpensive and educated pool of labor, it offers immense opportunities for foreign investors, out-sourcers and service providers who are ready to enter the market. Boland Business Services and Consulting provides a wide range of services and assistance to help your company get in with the lowest risk and at the lowest cost.
Highly individualized consulting and networking services designed to put you in contact with top Chinese corporations in your field, meet your competition and potential trading and joint venture partners.
Printing and Graphic Design Service Boland has its own graphic design department with a dedicated team of multi-lingual professionals for both print and web media. We can help you prepare your logo and text for print, or take your ideas and create a full ad campaign.
Marketing solutions; Chinese and international website design, and ad campaigns, High quality and inexpensive printing of print ads, catalogues, and mixed media campaigns.
Human resource management. Chinese and foreign staff recruitment tailored to fit your China business needs and goals. Secretarial services, sales team and management training of your Chinese staff.
Translation and interpretation services provided by professionals in your field for trade fairs, business meetings and negotiations, document preparation.
Business seminars "Introduction to Business in China" The background information you need to get started and choose the right path for your China business.
It's about information:
The size of the country and the language barrier, coupled with a rapidly changing and developing legal system to promote foreign investment and business, means that success in China business is directly related to the amount of information a company has to coordinate market and legal preparation and implementation. Boland Business Service's focus is to provide your company with the background knowledge you need to get your business up and running in China.
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