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Boland China Cultural Studies

Mandarin Chinese language lessons

Individualized programs with qualified and experienced Chinese teachers with TCFL (teacher of Chinese as a foreign language) qualifications from Suzhou University. Private one-to-one or small group tuition tailor-made to your needs. Courses for levels ranging from total beginner up through advanced. Free placement testing provided for all levels and class types.>

Chinese Language Lessons

Course length:
Daily lessons for one or more weeks. Basic course (one semester) is ten weeks of tuition. Courses available on-site at Boland or off-site at your home or office.

Contact us at Chinese@boland-china.com for details

Chinese Cooking

Learn to cook like a Chinese chef! This hands-on program covers the Szechuan, Jiangsu, Beijing and Cantonese cooking styles and will show you how to make some of the most famous dishes from each region. Course is moderated by local chefs specialized in each regional cuisine.

Course length:
10 lessons held over a 12-week period. Intensive two-week courses also available upon request.
660 € ($530 USD / 7,700 RMB), including all ingredients and take-home meals after each session.

Chinese Calligraphy 101

An introduction into the art of Chinese calligraphy. Learn to identify and experiment with various calligraphy styles and focus upon learning to do the one you like best.
Course length:
Seminars generally meet for 2-hour blocks. Weekend and once-weekly seminars held regularly. Private tuition also available. Please contact us at culture@boland-china.com for details.

Chinese musical instruments

Learn to play one of China's traditional instruments. Private tuition only.

Instruments available:

Chinese cello (er hu) Chinese flute (di zi)
Chinese oboe (suo na) Chinese lute (pipa)
Chinese zither (gu qin) Chinese dulcimer (yang qin)
Chinese mouth organ (sheng)
Learn more about these instruments at:
http://www.philmultic.com/home/instruments/Contact us at
culture@boland-china.com for details

Tai Chi and Gong Fu (Kung Fu)

Learn these ancient Chinese arts from the Masters. Tailor-made programs available for all levels. Private tuition also available.
Course length:
2 lessons a week held over a 10-week period. Intensive courses also available upon request.
Prices and scheduling options; please e-mail us at culture@boland-china.com for details.

Chinese Art History 101 and Chinese Painting Studio

Artistic development and cultural understanding come with this fascinating program. An introduction to the major painting styles of China and the chance to try your hand at it, hands-on. Private studio tuition also available.
Course length:
Course length, scheduling and prices; weekend and once-weekly small group seminars available all year round. Contact us for details at culture@boland-china.com

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Study Chinese Mandarin Workshop
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