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Trade fairs

Our team will accompany you and your staff to relevant trade fairs in your field.

We will assist in all aspects of the trip planning, from visa invitations to hotel bookings and transport arrangements.

We will make sure that you are met at the airport and shown where and how to function effectively in China at every stage of the journey.

You will have a qualified translator to accompany you.
You will be given orientation and an introduction into the basics of doing Chinese business.
At the fairs, you will meet with manufacturers and suppliers. We will help you build good business contacts, and collect information about the market in your area of interest.

Our team will also use the trade fair to learn the specifics of your product and market so that we can later do effective quality control for you.

How it works: We will send you trade fair dates. You have the option to attend the trade fair yourselves together with our team, or to send us on your behalf. We recommend that each new partner firm attend at least one trade fair with our team to establish rapport and personal contacts with Chinese suppliers. In our experience, this makes for better business and will save you time and money later. Once the date has been chosen, we will send an overview of options and expected costs. You then decide how you would like us to set it up for you.
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