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Your agent and representative in China.

We make and respond to initial enquiries on your behalf to find factories that would be suitable for sourcing the products and materials you need.

We give your company a local name, China working address and actively-manned telephone lines and staff in China without the expense and trouble of setting up your own company. Local China companies, or companies perceived as being local, enjoy a competitive advantage in the China market. Factories will know that unlike most foreign buyers, you have access to the competition and are capable of communicating in the market. This will turn in to a great price and quality control advantage for your firm.

In the initial phases, our China staff will help you sift through the thousands of companies interested in selling to you to find the most competitive and cooperative direct manufacturers.

We will put you in direct contact with them. You coordinate directly with your new contacts. Boland is there to assist in communication issues and to pass on messages to speed up the order and quality control process. You will find that some of the larger exporters will have English-speaking staff, but many of the lesser-known local factories usually won’t. Having a local agent will allow you to tap into this market.

Boland also functions as quality control by phone, and as necessary, on-site factory visits.

Our office will provide sample receipt service to allow China suppliers to ship samples of products they normally wouldn't ship overseas for free. Our photographer will then send you photos and descriptions of the samples so that you can determine which are worth shipping to your company abroad. This saves you time and money, and in the long term, will allow you to expand your product range at significantly lower cost and risk.
Our office can assist you in coordination with factories for custom-made production .

We can assist you with freight forwarding, customs clearance and all aspects of getting the product from their door to yours.

How it works: We begin setting this up before your initial arrival in China. We prepare business cards with your company name for our staff members who will be working closely with you. We also prepare any other printed materials needed for the trade fair and factory visits. We ensure that all your new business contacts have your contact details and also a hotline to your China office. We recommend that correspondence be done with a Cc to us so that we can follow up if there is no response or slow response from the China side. We also will take advantage of local China knowledge and language to assist you in negotiating better prices and conditions wherever possible. We will ensure that your new producers know that we are keeping an eye on the quality of their work and that deadlines are met. At the outset of our cooperation with your company, you will outline what services you would like us to perform. We will make a proposal and when all terms have been agreed, we will write up a contract. China office representation is a service necessary to the successful sourcing of your products in China.

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