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Start with a basic business seminar on your first China visit to get the lay of the land, or contact us at info@boland-business.com for a complete seminar proposal. Seminars are held on-site in Suzhou, China, or upon request can also be held at your firm.
Upcoming China Seminar details:


Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. The Venice of the East. With a population of 6 million, Suzhou is home to two major foreign investment districts; the China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park www.sipac.gov.cn.
and the Suzhou SND Suzhou National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Park http://www.snd.gov.cn/snd/English/020002/
With an annual GDP exceeding 68 billion RMB in 2006, the 15-year old Suzhou-Singapore Industrial Park has modern infrastructure and services, and has created an extremely attractive investment environment to thousands of foreign enterprises, including over 100 projects by Fortune 500 companies (Bosch, Samsung, Solectron, Hitachi, Panasonic, Caterpillar, to name just a few). The Suzhou SND Suzhou National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Park is another major investment area for foreign enterprises. http://www.snd.gov.cn. Multi-nationals from hundreds of countries have invested in this area, taking advantage of its infrastructure, export processing and tax benefits (Siemens, Klockner-Moeller, Motorola, Phillips, Canon, Fuji Film Imaging, Curtis Instruments, and many more).
Suzhou is located just 45 minutes from Shanghai.


We can help you book hotel accommodations for 3,4, or 5-star hotels in Suzhou. Full-service apartment accommodations are also available upon request.

Seminar Dates.

Individualized programs including factory visits and visits to meet with government investment officials are scheduled immediately starting the Monday following each seminar unless otherwise requested. Seminar follow-up also involves individualized consultation with our legal team, travel to potential partner companies and investment regions, and introductory meetings with government officials and potential partners in your field. Contact us for a proposal

Seminar fees:

Seminar Business Traveller Package:
Package includes seminar registration and fees, 5 nights of 5-star hotel accommodation with breakfast, visa fees, airport transfer, weekend sightseeing. -€ 2835 ($3875 USD) total

Seminar only package:
€ 535 ($735 USD)
Seminar costs include registration fee, all materials and guest speaker fees.

Individualized follow-up costs dependent upon program. Please ask us for a complete proposal. We offer trade fair trips with professional translators, China business set-up and licensing, legal services and also a full range of product sourcing packages, in additional to design and implementation of websites, printing and promotional items.

Seminar Locations

Boland Consulting and Business Service offers both China-based and overseas seminars. Please contact us at info@boland-business.com with an inquiry on the location of your choice.

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